Can Herbal Supplements Effect Your Prostate Health.

By Robert Franklin

Here's the straight talk you need for your prostate health. Your prostate needs proper nourishment to function properly. Unlike other parts of your body though there are some real costs involved in ignoring your prostates health. Natural prostate remedies do exist and can have a profound effect on your later year.

Your Prostate produces the fluid that carries your sperm. Due to hormonal changes your prostate gland grows, your prostate at birth well only weighs 1.5 grams. By your mid twenties it well weighs 11 grams, in your fifties 18 grams, and By your sixties and seventies whooping 31 grams. This growth is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH for short.

As your prostate grows in size it pinches of the urethra and restricts the amount of urine flow. Ninety percent of all men in their sixties and seventies complain of some sort of prostate issue. Symptoms include ur hesitation, painful urination and erectile dysfunction. These symptoms if left untreated surgery may be required. BPH and Prostate Cancer share The same symptoms but Prostate Cancer can come on very rapidly. This is why even as a young man you should have your prostate checked regularly.

Here is a list of minerals and herbs that you should look for in any dietary supplement dealing with your prostate.

* Zinc Chelate is a building block in the formation of RNA and DNA.

* Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that protects your cell membranes.

* Selenium case studies have shown a 65% drop in prostate cancer rates in men who consume daily amounts of Selenium.

* Saw Palmetto reduces the amount of Dihydrotestoeron DHT that causes the prostate to grow.

*Lycopene Extract studies have shown that people who eat large amounts of tomato's and tomato products high in lycopene have a 21%decreased risk of developing prostate cancer.

*Corn Silk Powder Extract is helpful for any irritation of the urinary system. It's used in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis.

*Enhinacea Angustifolia Root promotes the production of white blood cells.

*Nettle Leaf prevents inflammatory action in the body.

*Cranberry Extract stops e-coli from building up in the bladder.

*Parsley Powder Extract feeds the kidneys, liver and bladder.

*Cayenne Pepper 40,000 HU is a major heart and circulatory stimulant.

*Curcumin Standardized extracts is a strong antioxidant that protects the liver from several toxic compounds and reduces platelet formation which intern increase blood circulation. - 31370

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Advice On The Seven Deadly Health Sins

By Leonard Z Sennish

Appears the male segment of the population thinks its immortal. Either that or they have a death wish. Because by and large men are guilty of a variety of deadly health sins that all but assure an early grave. A serious disconnect to be sure. If you're curious here are some things to do and/or avoid that can give you a leg up on a longer, healthier life at least.

Sleep's Optional, Right? Actually no. It isn't. Sure you can live that way. But sooner or later getting too little sleep will catch up with you. Being bad both for your looks and your health according to many studies. But you don't need me to tell you you're not as sharp mentally. And for sure you don't look bright eyed after a late night. Worse still poor sleep habits have been attributed to weight gain too.

Not a Fan of White Coats? Too many guys never get around to seeing their physician each year. Perhaps wrongly assuming no news is good news. But maybe it more demonstrates a willingness to ignore the rule about it's easier to cure problems caught sooner than later. Especially when it comes to things like your heart or prostate.

I'd Like Mine Rare Rarely would be better don't' you think? As red meat lovers set themselves up for all sorts of problems because of the fat and cholesterol they are ladling into their body. Not to mention the potential problems of toxins in the fat itself and the affect charred meat off the grill can have on your colon. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Which is another way of saying if you eat red meat less often you'll enjoy it more. And be better off because of it.

No Time to Eat Breakfast? Yeah afraid to say it but Mom was right. Skipping breakfast isn't smart. But with rush hour traffic or the need to get to the job early it may still seem like an almost good idea. Emphasis on almost. Because surely you've got time for a bowl of cereal at least to help you shine until lunch, don't you?

Spare Tires Are For Cars, Remember? Yeah that excess weight around your middle, that tends to roll over your belt, isn't a sign of healthy living either. And yes it can pile on regardless of what you do. But excess belly fat is associated with all kinds of bad things you want no part of.

Kick the Habit. Since you were looking for this one anyway I didn't want to disappoint. But as they say smoking it the most preventable cause of premature death going. Right up there on the list of causes of heart failure and high blood pressure. That aside it's just a stinky habit. One that's best not even picked up to begin with.

Clearly only you can best decide how close you wish to get to the electric fence. Realizing that a misstep and you'll be zapped like a bug in a bug zapper as some life threatening health issues descends upon you. And if cures were being offered here there would be more listening ears. But you'd still be wise to heed these warnings. Because most find life on the edge catches up with them sooner rather than later. - 31370

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Finally There is Hope For Guys - Prostate Cancer Prevention

By Veronica Carrillo

In its ideal, healthy state the prostrate gland is about the size of a walnut. Its function is to store and secrete an alkaline fluid to mix with the male sperm. The vaginal tract of a female is very acidic.

The alkaline fluid of the prostrate helps to neutralize acidity of the vaginal tract, thus prolonging the life of the sperm as it makes its way toward the female ovary. During physical examinations, men are subjected to the "digital" examination of the prostrate. This means bending over the examination table, spreading your thighs, and bracing yourself for the insertion of your doctor's lubricated, gloved index finger into your rectum.

This process enables him to "feel" the size and texture of the gland. If the prostrate has become enlarged, your doctor may treat it with medication, a minimally invasive procedure, or remove the gland altogether. Regular rectal exams, as well as measurement of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) are recommended for older men, usually ages 50 and up to detect prostate cancer early.

Prostate Specific Antigen is a protein produced in small quantities by the cells of the prostrate gland. These quantities become elevated in the presence of prostrate cancer. A blood test is administered to determine the PSA level. No one can say with certainty what causes prostrate cancer. Their appears to be disparities based on race, nationality and culture.

Testicular cancer is definitely not life-threatening, if it is caught in the early stages. Nevertheless about 400 people, out of the 8000 people suffering from testicular cancer die annually, just because they have disregarded the symptoms and have attributed the testicular pain to other reasons. That is when the cancer cells are going to spread to different parts of the body and one is going to get hard put to check the promulgation of such pernicious malignant cells.

One thing is certain. In order to TAKE CHARGE of one's health to prevent prostrate cancer, regular examinations of the kind mentioned above are imperative for all men. If a diagnosis of prostrate cancer is made, get information on the cancer regarding symptoms, risk factors, treatments and other options, because "knowledge is power", and "power" will lessen "fear" and enable you to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR PROSTRATE CANCER! - 31370

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Isn't It Time You Found Out About Prostate Power Foods?

By Leonard Z Sennish

More than three quarters of all cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in guys over 65. Which says one in four times it strikes guys younger though. Sometimes much younger.

Sure when it comes down to causes your family history certainly plays a role. In other words the genetic hand you are dealt makes you predisposed, or not, to developing prostate problems. For instance African Americans are more so with Asians less.

Believe it or not, regardless of your genetic background there are prostate protecting foods that have been found to lower the odds of you developing the second leading cause of cancer death in this country however.

Prior to getting into the list of specific foods to eat however let me make another point. Some studies suggest that men who are overweight, and have been since they were twenty something, have an elevated risk of developing prostate cancer. And it seems in their case it tends towards the more deadly and aggressive type. As if you didn't need another excuse for keeping fit and trim, right? But losing weight is another thing anyone can do to help lower their prostate cancer risk profile.

Okay now let's focus on four foods that not only may help protect you against prostate cancer, they will also help with that weight thing too. Because overall the plan should be to put less meat and less saturated fat on your plate while piling on the fruits and veggies.

One food that should be high on your list is anything tomato based. From fresh to sauce. Even pizza sauce counts. The super ingredient found in tomatoes is lycopene. Which is a powerful antioxidant found in abundance in them. Get enough tomato type products into your diet and you're doing your prostate a big favor. Maybe slashing your risk of developing prostate cancer by possibly one third.

Then how are you fixed for peas? Yeah, how often do you eat them? Those who get into them like five times a week, a lot to be sure, have been shown to do better when it comes to prostate problems. Like 65% less risk. But you've got to love your peas to get that benefit.

An emerging power food may be pomegranate. So drinking pomegranate juice every day may make a difference too as it is also high in antioxidants. Which as was mentioned before are likely beneficial and offer some form of cancer protection.

Another way to cut your risk even more is to work soy products into your diet. Non-fermented soy foods such as soy milk and tofu are what you want to focus on. Which makes these deserving additions to your list of prostate power foods.

Look, just because you've got a family history of prostate problems doesn't mean you are doomed to fall prey to this disease. Eating right, keeping your weight in check and a healthy lifestyle can all work together to minimize your risk profile. - 31370

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Prostate Cancer Info

By Alex West

The most effective way to combat prostrate cancer is to be knowledgeable about it; that way, if you are diagnosed with it, the chances you have of fighting it off successfully will be much higher.

Research reveals that after lung cancer, prostrate cancer is the number two cause of death among American men.

The symptoms of prostate cancer vary and include the presence of blood in the urine, constant urination, especially at night, pains in the lower back, and pains in the pelvic region.

Prostate cancer stands a better chance of being treated successfully if it is discovered on time; this is why it is vital to subject yourself to medical check up on a regular basis.

The stark reality about prostate cancer is that it affects the male population of America and northwest Europe more than the population of males in Asia and South America.

Prostrate cancer, like other types of cancers involves the rapid spread of cancerous cells over the body. However, unlike other kinds of cancer, it begins in the victim's prostrate glands and results in a walnut sized growth under the bladder.

The Canadian cancer society revealed that 16,900 males are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Prostrate cancer has been speculated to stem from hereditary origins because intensive study so far reveals that most victims come from a family where the diagnosis is common.

Adopting healthy habits such as drinking six or more glasses of water daily can go a long way in preventing prostrate cancer.

A decrease in your consumption of dietary fat to twenty percent is advisable for victims of prostrate cancer. - 31370

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Prostate Cancer Screening

By Leonard Z Sennish

Question: There seems to be some conflicting info out there about prostate exams. Care to clear that up?

Well let me ask you this? If you knew about a slightly imperfect test that could detect cancer in time to save your life would you want it or not?

Most would still be interested in being tested. Even if the test didn't return results that were 100% accurate. Yet some additional guidelines may be helpful.

If you're wondering why screening like this is important it's because you want to detect problems early.

First, only skin cancer takes more lives each year. So prostate cancer is something you want to catch sooner rather than later.

Yet too often this silent killer goes undetected in men until it reaches an advanced stage. At that point the survival rate plummets. Especially if the cancer has spread to tissue outside the prostate gland. So like most cancers early detection is critical. It's presents you with the best chance at long term survivability.

Also there are studies that indicate patients diagnosed with prostate cancer who had regular annual blood tests tended to less aggressive forms of this cancer. They had less aggressive tumors that stayed localized when identified compared to non screened patients. In fact the PSA screened had a three fold reduction in deaths as compared to those who did not undergo annual screening.

What's involved in the test?

It's a two step process. One is the blood work that measures the amount of the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) you've got. The other part is a physical examination of the prostate itself or DRE.

What is the norm?

Think 4. You want the PSA to come back 4 ng/ml and your doctor can get into the technical aspects of that. But a higher reading likely signals the need to dig deeper to figure out why.

Who should get the exam?

Here basically are the guidelines from the American Cancer Society. Those with symptoms should be checked right away. Those with a family history or in the ethnic groups more prone to developing prostate issues should start at age 40. Everyone else would be wise to consider annual screening from 50 on.

Just keep in mind, like most preemptive medical testing, the process isn't perfect. In that some men with normal PSA scores have cancer. Others with elevated levels do not. And some tumors may not be found with the DRE exam. Plus there is nothing to separate the more aggressive from less aggressive forms at this point.

Anyway, while it remains unclear whether a routine scan of those who are not at higher risk saves lives, the best thing to do is discuss your options with your doctor. Keeping in the mind the fact that these tests, while not perfect, are still the best way we've got for catching this cancer early. And early detection is the key to better outcomes. - 31370

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Can You Beat Stomach Cancer by using Traditional Herbal Remedies and Alternative Medicine?

By Grahaam A. E. Maartin

Stomach Cancer! The question we are going to ask is. Do herbal products like Graviola Max and Graviola Really work? The results seem very positive, enough to sayYes!

"Stomach Cancer"! The thought of having this frightens many people. Indeed many are frightened by the very words 'Stomach Cancer' strong words, yes! Available now are two powerful natural herbal products, Graviola Max and Graviola, both appear to be showing some fine results.

Usually, the large majority of doctors and medical practitioners although to be fair, not all, do not support the use of natural products like Graviola and Graviola Max in treating "Stomach Cancer". Often calling them "fringe or quack" remedies, simply because the medical institutions don't teach the students about them.

Evidence is growing however, in support of the fact that many of these botanicals may be really quite beneficial. Two of these herbal remedies in particularly, 'Graviola' and 'Graviola Max are showing some quite remarkable results in "Stomach Cancer" patients. Often in cases where chemotherapy and traditional treatment didn't work. Would you use it?

In 2001 The HSI organisation (Health Sciences Institute) featured an article with the headline "Billion-dollar Drug Company nearly squashes astounding research on natural cancer killer" It says. "Cancer conquered with miracle tree from the Amazon found to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy". Can you believe that! 10.000 times stronger and yet some unethical greedy pharmaceutical company tried to squash it because they couldn't patent a plant that just might stop Stomach Cancer! Disgusting! That tree was Graviola! So what exactly is Graviola?

This tree Graviola is indigenous to the Amazon and various regions of South America. It's not a big rainforest tree by any means, the fact is it' relatively small in Rainforest terms growing to only 5 or 6 metres tall. But the "Stomach Cancer" fighting properties it has are amazing; in fact it's an absolute monster.

Lots of research has already been completed. It's been found that a lot of the phytochemicals or annonaceous acetogenins (the chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants) found in the stem, leaves, and seeds of the Graviola tree are cytotoxic against many cancer cells and tumours. These plant parts are all used in herbal medicine.

Excellent news because, quote:- (Cytotoxic: Toxic to cells, cell-toxic, cell-killing. Any agent or process that kills cells. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are forms of cytotoxic therapy.) The HSI says in this article that the tree has undergone more than 20 laboratory studies and tests since the 1970s, where it's been shown to: Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 different types of cancer, including lung, Prostate, colon, Bowel, and Stomach Cancer. Be 10,000 times stronger in killing Stomach Cancercells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug. Without harming healthy cells, it can selectively hunt down and kill cancer cells, unlike chemotherapy.

Also a plant screening program back in 1976 by the National Cancer Institute also showed that Graviola showed active cytotoxicity against cancer cells and various researchers have been following up on this research ever since and have found that Graviola was a cancer killing dynamo. Herbal products have been used worldwide almost since the time when man first walked on the earth, (well for thousands of years at least.) If you or your loved ones suffer from this terrible ailment, then I would strongly recommend that you read the HSI article on Graviola and Graviola Max here. It's a real eye opener!

In addition to the above it has been shown that taking additional herbal products such as "Immune Support" to boost the immune system may be beneficial!

Graviola Max and Graviola, could they help you in the fight against Stomach Cancer? The answer it appears is yes, it can!

Health Disclaimer! The information provided here must NOT be taken as professional or personal medical advice or instruction. You should 'always consult with a professional health practitioner' on important matters relating to your own health and well-being. The opinions given here are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment and information available to the author at the time. Please Note. Any reader, who fails to consult with the appropriate medical and health authorities, "assumes ALL responsibility of any resulting injuries". The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions. - 31370

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